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Crystal Is The Young Blonde Girl Of Your Fantasies

My name is Crystal, and I'm always eager to meet someone new. I'm a cute blonde escort – and I'm probably one of the youngest around. This gives me a unique edge – it means I'm in high demand – and that gives me a warm and tingly feeling! We’re going to be a good match, so all you have to do is book with me to find out.

I'm Young, Not Naïve

One of the things I always like people to know is that while I'm young, I'm certainly not naïve. My naivety flew out the window long ago. I'm a realist and understand how the world works. I'm always learning, and if you have something new to teach me, I'm happy to be a student. Several of my clients have asked for me just to be able to teach me something.

I’ve gathered a lot of experience over the years. I have also done quite a bit of experimenting, which involves both sexes. It’s fun to test my limits and see what else I like. There’s very little I will say no to and that’s part of the fun with the learning process. The more I can learn, the more exciting the world is for me. Plus, I like to try and figure out if I do actually have boundaries. So far, I’m good to go with everything that I have tried.

I'll be a Good Little Submissive

I'm an easy-going girl, and would much rather be in a submissive situation. You can be the alpha and take complete control. Tell me what you would like me to do, and I will be happy to do it with a smile. You can be my "sir" for the night – and this can include handcuffs and all sorts of other kinky activities. Role-playing is certainly one of my favorite things to do. Just like any good submissive, I have plenty of leather and other types of lingerie as well.

With my slender waist and creamy white complexion, I look good in just about anything. This means you can feel confident that I'm able to dress the part for the night. We can go out on the town or stay in. I happen to be a great person to snuggle with and that means me getting comfortable, too. Whenever given the choice, I’d rather lounge around the house naked. I’d probably live in a nudist camp if ever given the chance just because it’s what feels right to me.

I’m a “live in the moment” kind of girl, so I just want to have fun, no strings attached.

Call now so that we can meet. I look forward to being your escort while you spend time in Vegas.

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